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Refrigerated Air

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So you're thinking of making the switch over to Refrigerated Air?

Southwest Air Conditioning is here to answer any questions you

have and make the switch as painless as possible.


Converting to Refrigerated Air is an investment in your comfort,

and there of plenty of options and decisions to consider when

making this choice. 

The Benefits of Refrigerated Air


Comfort: The comfort a refrigerated air system provides as

opposed to its evaporative cooler counterpart is unmatched

when professionally installed. It can be 100 plus degrees outside

and you will be able to come home and find it cool and 

comfortable based upon the temperature you set it at.

Efficiency: Refrigerated air systems can be far more efficient than their evaporative cooler counterparts. They do not use outside air to cool your home, these systems remove the heat within your home and cool it with refrigerant and allow it to maintain a comfort level based on the temperature you set it at year round. 


Ease of Installation: Converting over to Refrigerated Air can sound like a daunting task but it's a lot easier than most homeowners realize. It involves the removal of your current systems and installation of either a split or package system which is handled correctly and professionally by our trained & licensed HVAC technicians. Most systems can even be installed with the existing duct work in your home, however we are also able to fabricate new duct work for your home as well.


Maintenance: Routine maintenance goes in a long way in helping extend the life of any refrigerated air system. We recommend having your system checked twice a year. This allows us to ensure it is running correctly & efficiently, and making sure the coils and filters are clean. Evaporative Coolers or swamp coolers do have a tendency to require more repairs and part replacements with a shorter lifespan on the system. 


Choosing A System Thats Right For You

There are definitely some things to consider when converting to refrigerated air. It is essential to have a professional company such as Southwest Air Conditioning go out and give you a proper estimate. This includes determining if a split system or package system is the better choice, the size of your home compared to the size of the system and the SEER rating, which helps determine the energy efficiency of the system. Keep in mind the higher the SEER rating the more efficient it is, but also the higher the cost upfront for the system is.


Another factor is the brand of system, as in any industry some brands are more expensive than others. We can install any brand you are comfortable with, some include; American Standard, Trane, Rheem, Ruud, Carrier, York, Lennox and many more. Other things to consider are electrical work in regards to your homes electrical panel and of course any upgrades such as smart thermostats and allergen reducers. 

Contact Southwest Air Conditioning Today


If you are considering the switch to refrigerated air, give us a call today. We offer FREE Estimates on any New Install. One of our technicians will gladly visit your home at a time that works for you to give you a quote on upgrading your comfort with Refrigerated Air. We offer great rates on financing as well. 

Give us a call today to schedule a FREE Estimate on any New Installation! (915) 857-3533

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