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El Paso’s Top Air Conditioning Repair Experts

At Southwest Air Conditioning, we have built our reputation as the premier local HVAC expert for all your AC repair needs for over 30 years. We have strived to maintain this from the beginning with a foundation of providing reliable, quality, trustworthy and affordable solutions. We aren't in business to take advantage of or price gouge our customers. We believe access to proper air conditioning should be available to all members of our community. Your comfort is our priority and we will work with you to provide a solution to your AC needs. At Southwest Air Conditioning, we stand by our work, maintain our reputation, and offer warranties so you know our brand is one you can trust and rest assured that your air conditioning system is taken care of. 

Southwest Air Conditioning and our top expertise is proud to offer AC repairs on all models and brands of air conditioning systems from refrigerated air to evaporative coolers. We also offer these solutions year round for your heating & cooling needs. We believe in providing fair and honest pricing and strive to ensure we carry parts for most repairs, so you're not stuck in a hot home long.

Here are some indicators that it’s time to call your local experts for air conditioning repair:
  • Increases in your energy bills outside of the norm

  • Unit is blowing warm/room temperature air instead of cool air

  • Unit is not turning on or satisfying temperature

  • Thermostat is not turning off or lowering set temperature range

  • Odd noises, burnt or unpleasant smells coming from the unit or air

  • Frequent cycling between on and off

  • Breaker tripping


We know how important timely repairs are maintaining your comfort level and can even help extend the life of your air conditioning system, as broken parts can cause other components to overwork and underperform. We want to ensure your AC system performs efficiently and effectively especially when you need it most. Our team of AC repair experts are trained to diagnose issues ranging from simple to complex issues like refrigerant leaks, shorts on faulty wiring, broken motors and more. Let us help you upgrade your comfort and stay cool, comfortable and fresh this summer with the top AC repair experts in El Paso with the team at Southwest Air Conditioning. Contact us today to schedule an AC repair service from a local brand you can trust!

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HVAC Solutions for El Paso

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