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"How Can Upgrading to a Higher SEER HVAC Unit Save You Money on Energy Costs" Upgraded HVAC System Can Save Money

HVAC typically is something the average consumer doesn't think about until they have a non working unit. Yet, like any mechanical component these systems do have a life span. With routine maintenance and setting schedules on your thermostat to avoid over working said systems, the average consumer can maintain or increase the lifespan tremendously. Some units last even over 15-20 years.

There will come a time when a homeowner will have to replace that system, and that's when one must take many factors into consideration. Considerations such as if the previous unit was sized correctly, brand and now we get into more technical considerations such as single or dual stage, variable speed motors, high end thermostats and something known as a SEER rating, Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. This is an important thing to take into account when you have to replace a refrigerated air unit or complete system. The SEER rating essentially means how much energy that system will utilize, in favorable and unfavorable conditions. This leads to a lower energy consumption and is ultimately seen in your electrical bill. When used efficiently it can have a great effect on lowering that bill and saving you money, especially in the long run. High end systems do come with a higher initial cost over lower SEER systems, but their design is made to ensure you do save in the long run.

With increased temperatures in most regions, and brutal summers in certain markets, it is essential to think clearly about switching to these higher end and higher SEER systems. Upgraded HVAC systems can save money. They come with better warranties, are designed to work better and typically deal with less needed repairs than lower cost systems.

If you are interested in learning more about these systems or want to schedule an upgrade to your current system, be sure to reach out to the experts here at Southwest Air Conditioning. Over 30 years experience, licensed, bonded, and insured.

Expert Heating & Cooling Repairs, Maintenance and Installations. Serving the greater El Paso area. over 30 years experience

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