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Our tips on how you should manage your Refrigerated Air system


Maintenance on any HVAC unit is essential to the longevity of your systems. Whether it's your condenser, furnace or coils it's essential to have this done. We recommend having seasonal maintenance done once in the fall/winter and once during the spring/summer season. It's also important that only a licensed HVAC company such as ourselves go out and do the maintenance on your refrigerated air system. This allows us to test for carbon monoxide which can be deadly if undetected. Also it can bring to light any problems and potential repairs that could develop if left unchecked. No one enjoys having their system go down in the dead of summer with triple digit heat. That's why HVAC maintenance is imperative. We have to think of these systems like a car, if you don't change you oil or or maintain it, the life of the vehicle will go down drastically. Ask about seasonal maintenance plans with us and we can even email you or call when it's time for service, that way you don't have to worry about it. One important detail you can take care of in the time between seasonal maintenance is yo change your filter monthly, especially if you have carpets, bad allergies or pets. All that dust and hair can really bog down your system and make it run less efficiently.

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